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10 Best Restaurants In Cape Town: The Ultimate Culinary Guide

Cape Town, the crown jewel of South Africa's culinary landscape, is a gastronomic paradise with seasoned gourmands and casual foodies returning for more. From its enviable selection of diverse eateries to its world-class restaurants, this vibrant city offers a range of culinary delights that tantalize every taste bud.

Nestled in the heart of this food lover's haven, Cape Vermeer Guesthouse offers the perfect starting point to embark on a journey through Cape Town's exceptional dining scene.

This article guides you, in exploring some of the top-rated restaurants, their unique offerings, and how conveniently they're located from our guesthouse.

The Test Kitchen

Top Restaurants In Cape Town

Clara's Barn

Clara's Barn is just a short 16-minute drive from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse. This charming restaurant, set in the oldest barn in the Western Cape, offers an authentic taste of South Africa.

From fresh, seasonal produce to family recipes that reflect the country's rich culinary history, Clara's Barn has it all. You'll enjoy their carefully curated 3 or 5-course menus in a relaxed and elegant setting.

And for those special occasions, their function room can comfortably seat up to 80 guests. So, whether it's a casual lunch or a grand dinner, Clara's Barn is a must-visit culinary destination when you're in Somerset West.

Rust en Vrede

Just an 18-minute drive from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, Rust en Vrede Restaurant awaits. Here, the art of pairing excellent food with outstanding wine has been perfected since its opening in 2007. Housed in the Estate's original cellar, this restaurant perfectly balances historic charm and modern sophistication.

Inspired by his Brazilian and Italian heritage, Chef Fabio Daniel presents contemporary French cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients from sustainable sources. In collaboration with sommelier James Mukosi, they ensure that each dish is complemented by the perfect wine, making your dining experience at Rust en Vrede truly unforgettable.

Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a curious explorer, Rust en Vrede will surely delight your taste buds.

Spek & Bone

Nestled next to the original Stellenbosch market, a mere 21 minutes away from the guesthouse, you'll discover the charming Spek & Bone. This delightful small plates eatery and wine bar is tucked away behind Oom Samie se Winkel, just off Dorp Street. Named after the owners' inseparable pet pig and puppy, Spek & Bone perfectly encapsulates the simplicity and warmth of their connection.

The restaurant operates under the oldest fruit-producing vine in Stellenbosch, offering an array of bold-flavored tapas, designed to be shared amongst friends. Their specially curated South African wine selection perfectly complements these big flavours, embodying the Bassons' joy in pairing great food with fine wine.

Throw in an incredible playlist, and you have a dining experience that's as enjoyable as it is unique. Spek & Bone is certainly a destination to add to your culinary journey in Cape Town.

Post & Pepper

Just 23 minutes from Cape Vermeer lies Post & Pepper, a charming upmarket restaurant set in the heart of bustling Stellenbosch. Housed within the oldest post office in the country, the restaurant retains the building's history and charm, combining old and new with a unique vintage appeal.

Chef and owner Jess van Dyk has crafted a space where the art of fine dining is revered without the associated starch and snobbery.

Post & Pepper offers playful, refined cooking, presenting reimagined classics and twists on traditional favourites. Jess invites diners on a flavour-packed journey that fuses joy with utter deliciousness. The restaurant has quickly made its name as a destination for exquisitely curated small plates, a complex selection of wines, and friendly, efficient service.

At its heart, Post & Pepper is about the simple pleasure of sharing good food and meaningful conversations with loved ones. You can’t go wrong with that pairing!


Just a quick 24-minute drive from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, Rykaart's restaurant awaits, promising a memorable dining experience in Stellenbosch. Rykaart's reputation for providing excellent food and service has made it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in the area.

This charming eatery ensures that every guest feels special, offering an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The authentically crafted setting perfectly complements the culinary journey Rykaart's aims to provide. Each dish is curated to offer a unique taste experience, marrying local ingredients with exceptional cooking techniques.

Rykaart's is applauded for its outstanding food consistency, with visitors raving about diverse starters and main courses, each meticulously presented. The menu, although limited, is celebrated for its quality-over-quantity approach, boasting delicacies like the tender beef cheek and freshly cooked fish.

Not only does Rykaart's serve extraordinary food, but it also entices with its artistic decor, creating a pleasant ambiance that completes the dining experience. Rykaart's is a testament to the joy of good food in a warm, welcoming environment.

The Pot Luck Club

The Pot Luck Club, nestled in the trendy Old Mill in Woodstock, is a haven for culinary exploration. Exuding a cool, modern industrial charm, the restaurant serves up an array of globally inspired small plates since 2012. A firm belief in dining as an event that brings joy and fulfillment shapes the entire Pot Luck Club experience. Their mission is to leave you with a smile and a memory that lasts for years.

The menu, a creative blend of flavours, showcases the culinary prowess of the team, with dishes like fish sliders, pork belly, and innovative tacos among the standouts. Each dish is a feast for both the eyes and the palate, thanks to their artistic presentation and deep understanding of flavours. The restaurant boasts a friendly, upmarket but relaxed atmosphere, and stunning views of Cape Town, elevating your dining experience.

The Pot Luck Club is a place to share exceptional food with good company, enjoy the craftsmanship in the open kitchen, and to savor a memory-making dining experience that is more than just a meal.

The Melting Pot

Just a 35-minute drive away from the guesthouse, The Melting Pot promises a global culinary journey in a picturesque setting. It boasts an innovative menu, inspired by the chef's travels, serving up to ten different dishes that change every fortnight.

Embark on a flavorful adventure by ordering 'one of everything' and enjoy the complete experience of these meticulously crafted, globally-inspired small plates. Nestled amidst a serene working farm, the restaurant's tranquil location is enhanced by lush orchards and towering oak trees.

Here, friendly staff cater to your needs, making the dining experience even more pleasurable. For both food enthusiasts or anyone seeking a unique, delightful meal, The Melting Pot's fusion of flavors from around the globe, set in an enchantingly scenic location, makes it an enticing culinary destination just a short drive away.

Table at De Meye

37 minutes from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, Table at De Mecye is where locally sourced ingredients and passionate chefs blend together to create a unique dining experience. Leigh and Brendan, the heart and soul of this culinary gem, ensure every dish resonates with their love for food.

Every week, the menu changes, keeping things fresh and exciting for returning guests. Here, you'll find a set three-course menu served in a sharing style, allowing you to taste an array of dishes inspired by the season.

The outdoor setting under majestic trees enhances the dining experience, making it a perfect destination for families or friends who appreciate simple yet delicious food in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Belly of the Beast

Located just 37 minutes from the Cape Vermeer Guest House, Belly of the Beast offers a unique dining experience. Run by Chefs Anouchka Horn and Neil Swart, this 30-seater restaurant serves an unscripted tasting menu for lunch and dinner.

There's no need to choose from a menu; trust the chefs to delight your palate with their innovative use of local, sustainable ingredients. You might find some dishes challenging your culinary comfort zone, but the overall balance ensures a delightful experience.

The intimate setting and their direct involvement in serving the food make it a personal experience. Remember, online reservations are mandatory, and a deposit is required, but this gastronomic adventure is absolutely worth it.

FYN Restaurant

Only 39 minutes away from Cape Vermeer is FYN. At FYN, you're taken on a journey of flavor discovery, where South Africa's wild freedom meets the rigor of contemporary cuisine. The boundary-blurring design creates a unique dining experience where you can see the magic-makers in action.

The FYN team, including Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss, and Jennifer Hugé, will take you somewhere new with their innovative, fearless culinary approach.

Diners rave about the restaurant's high-end selections, memorable dining experiences, and phenomenal service. The food, an eclectic combination of South African and Japanese cuisines, is praised for its divine taste, exquisite presentation, and the unique twist each dish brings.

The menu, spanning many different courses, is designed to offer a multi-hour dining experience that leaves guests utterly satisfied. The stellar wine pairing and amazing views of Table Mountain only add to the unforgettable FYN experience.

ëlgr Restaurant

A 39-minute drive from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse brings you to ëlgr Restaurant, a culinary delight nestled amidst forest elements. Its cozy sage green and charcoal tones create a serene ambience that is perfectly accented by indoor foliage. The dining experience here is a treat, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.

You'll find innovative cocktails served at the bar, all while grooving to tunes from local DJs. The open kitchen lets you witness the magic as it unfolds, while the friendly staff are ever ready to serve you with a smile.

Whether it's the shareable small plates, the exotic dishes, or the surprising flavors that pop up in each course, ëlgr is sure to offer a unique culinary journey. An ideal spot for a family supper or a late-night rendezvous, this restaurant promises a memorable gastronomic adventure.

PIER Restaurant

Escape the bustle of city life and venture to PIER Restaurant, situated 44 minutes from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse. The restaurant, nestled in the iconic Pierhead Building, offers an intimate fine dining experience with stunning waterside views.

Helmed by celebrated Head Chef John Norris-Rogers, expect a showcase of the finest local produce with an emphasis on oceanic delicacies. Their multi-course menus are inspired by the vibrant flavors of South Africa and delivered with a flair for the theatrical.

Highlights include oysters poached table-side and nitrogen-poached citrus fruit. PIER is more than just a restaurant, it's a celebration of local cuisine in an unforgettable setting, perfect for those seeking a memorable culinary journey in Cape Town.

La Colombe

Located just a 47-minute drive away from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, La Colombe Restaurant is a culinary haven in Cape Town. Known for its fusion of classic French cuisine and South African twists, this dining experience is lauded for its gastronomical creativity and excellent service.

At La Colombe, dining isn't just a meal; it's a carefully curated multi-course journey that tantalizes all senses. Each course is expertly paired with wines and presented in a theatrical and artistic manner.

Despite its sophisticated ambiance, La Colombe maintains a relaxed and friendly environment, perfect for an indulgent lunch, a romantic dinner, or a celebratory meal. So, if you're looking for a unique, luxurious, and delightful dining experience, La Colombe Restaurant should definitely be on your list.


Only 48 minutes from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, you'll discover Foxcroft, a restaurant that redefines casual dining with a meticulous focus on quality.

Led by Chef Proprietor Glen Foxcroft Williams, Foxcroft operates on a simple philosophy: if it doesn't contribute to deliciousness, it doesn't belong. This guiding principle results in flavorful dishes made from carefully chosen seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and esteemed international suppliers.

You can expect a dining experience that is equal parts relaxed and exceptional, whether you're indulging in a unique winter-tasting menu or enjoying the perfect pairing of food and wine. With its friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and superb atmosphere, Foxcroft is certainly worth the visit.

La Petite Colombe

A 48-minute drive from the Cape Vermeer Guesthouse, La Petite Colombe is a gastronomic jewel of the Cape Town culinary scene. If Michelin reviewed South African eateries, La Petite Colombe would undeniably garner stars.

Renowned for its exceptional food, the restaurant's carefully crafted menus spotlight South African ingredients and techniques, while offering exciting twists and surprises. Their unparalleled service and the stunning location only add to the overall experience. Visitors revel in the well-executed combination of unexpected flavors and the warm hospitality of the staff.

This isn't just a meal, it's an unforgettable culinary journey that shouldn't be missed when visiting South Africa. It is, without a doubt, a foodie heaven and a delightful treat for the senses.

Salsify at the Roundhouse

A 50-minute journey from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse brings you to the breathtaking Salsify at the Roundhouse. Nestled in a restored national monument with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Lion’s Head, Salsify is where nature inspires every dish.

This fine-dining restaurant is acclaimed for its modern, seasonal offerings, presented with artistry and attention to detail. Whether you are a gastronomic adventurer or a discerning diner, Salsify takes you on a remarkable culinary journey.

Expect a simple but masterfully created menu paired with an expertly chosen wine selection. Each course tells a story, reflecting the richness and diversity of South Africa’s culinary heritage. The warm, welcoming ambiance and exceptional service complete the dining experience. So, make sure to set aside an evening to indulge in the unforgettable flavours of Salsify at the Roundhouse.

Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia

A 50-min journey from Cape Vermeer Guesthouse will bring you to Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia. Helmed by Chef Ivor Jones, the restaurant offers an informal dining experience committed to excellent, friendly service. Emphasizing seasonal produce from local farmers and their own farm, the team creates an ever-changing four-course set menu.

Influenced by global flavors and nostalgia, the dishes are a feast for the senses. The playful approach extends to the ambience as well, with the cubed glass feature building seemingly suspended above the vineyards and False Bay.

Their recent revamp has expanded the kitchen and added a private dining pod, offering unparalleled views across the valley. Remember, the restaurant's dedication to local produce and sustainable food production also makes for a dining experience that's as responsible as it is delightful.

Wrapping Up

Cape Town is not just about breathtaking landscapes and nearby wine farms. It's also a culinary haven, with restaurants like Clara's Barn and Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia offering world-class dining experiences.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, exploring these restaurants adds to the exciting list of things to do in the area. Each presents a unique culinary journey, promising unforgettable flavors and memorable moments.


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